NYS assaults kenyan who asked them to wear a mask (video)

Have you seen the video?

Ghasia takataka wewe





Digi Gibson Bosire. Weka video next time.

Hawa hata sio D- ni X - MAVI :meffi: TAKATAKA

I will mark you and deal with you later.

Ng’ombe Ya Serikali (NYS)

Revenge is a dish best served cold…

These are failures. Crossbreed ya D- na Z- = Akili za ZEBU

What a bunch of loosers, they must have some shitty life to be hitting someone like that

Tuliza kende banae

Wah ! Hawa ndio wanakuja kusoma meter za Kenya power ?! :oops:

What would happen to him if he defended himself? Hizi meffi ziko na gun kweli?Mbona the other passengers wengine wamenyenyekea kama madogi?

The day I knew we are docile civilians is that time there was an awful jam on Thika Rd and hundreds of motorists allowed the police to harass them because of the curfew.

Imagine zile case zitakuwa kwa mtaa

Watu wa meter bonoko hawana bahati.