Nyota Ndogo begging her brokeass mzungu to come back

Wamama if a man is not providing for you and your family he’s not your husband, he’s your husband and you are his mother. Sooner than later he will get fed up with sleeping with his mother and go look for his own woman, where he is the provider. You have seen it happen so many times. Ati I don’t care about money nezajisimamia. Nataka tuu mapenzi mimi. Mwanaume ni responsibility. When a man does not have responsibility he is not a man he feels like a boy.

Mimi I was told this by a man who is very traditional akanishow that women are nowadays too desperate they’re providing for men, moving men to their homes, taking loans, letting men drive their cars.Paying fees4them Akaniambia even if a man loves you, his love will die.

Let a man pursue you, pay your dowry and pay for the wedding, pay for your fees, buy you a car even if you already have. Move to his house even if you have yours. That’s the joy of being a man.

There was a guy I was dating and he would even send me a ticket to meet him in my hometown and I refuse bcz it is him who should come to see me not a nitumie fare mimi sijalelewa hivyo mimi but some women fly from Europe to come see men in Kenya using your own fare, ama utoke Kenya uende America to meet a man juu ametuma invitation letters na tickets, unashindwa hii style ilitoka wapi. Men value what they struggle for not what they get on a silver platter.

I am ready to bet that any woman who started a relationship with supporting the man financially, huyo jamaa ataenda eventually to a woman who never saw him struggle and expects to be the provider. Then you be left bitter single mother, jamaa karudi Kenya na pesa ulichukua loan ukampea yote, huku he gets the slay queens who know how to get money out of men. Ladies tuache hii upuzi. Kwanzaa kama kuna wanaume hawapendi kubembelezwa ni wazungu. Wanapenda yule mwanamke anamtoanisha bila huruma. Jungus don’t like weak women like these our baboons who worship white women, unaona mwanaume na makende mbili anashika mama mzungu mkono 24’7. Wafrika style up. Ni nini unabembeleza?



I understand this single mother pranked him that she was expectant on April fools…guy gathered his 2 pairs of Nikes and bolted to Boni forest


Alijoin the 38th parachute batallion na akateremkia embobut

Natoa Yote Yamejaa Moyoni … :smiley: :smiley: