We don’t need your stale gay jokes here.

Sasa peleka mkundu kwa @uwesmake upewe zawadi.

today corrupt multinationals who are protected by burning spear family own 70% of our wealth. 70% of employed talkers here work for corrupt indians and a few work for mzungu racist’s. the self employed buy their products from somali jews. Ruto will change that. Kalenjins don’t stay in slums, and their is a reason for that. After 2022 other tribes will move out of slums voluntarily, because factors of production will be made available to kenyans

ok…basi if he has amuad to take on the powers that be then aiende full-blown…si kujifanya makmende then akitishiwa kidogo anaanza ohh…" am onreh priding with them…tafadharii…ret no one dhink of harming me"…

I saw him promising to build more dams, he also promised stadiums. By 2022, Ruto will be hoping from one court, to the other.

:D:DIt is politics, it is what it is…he is working his way upwards. Sasa namjua and I had never heard of him. Arm yourselves with popcorns…free entertainment in the next coming months…kama sisi huku Brito with Captain BoJo at the helm. Google vile kunaenda…

Oh shait…

Anajiona Matiba kumbe ni Mabati…

I like thinking on objective terms as opposed to conjecture.

  1. Muranga has a catholic church
  2. Muranga catholic church was a venue for a political forum/event
  3. Muranga catholic church were in an agreement with NM Kamanda to grace event
  4. Kamanda and the church were within their rights to conduct the above affairs
  5. Ndindi Nyoro was not invited to the above event
  6. Ndindi Nyoro with the grace of a swine’s vomit stormed the event
  7. Police responded but Ndindi Nyoro’s goons held them off
  8. Police in spite of being armed chose not to use force but withdrew tacticaly
  9. Ndindi Nyoro ran to the media to control the narrative
  10. Ndindi Nyoro learnt he couldn’t outrun the law.

In conclusion Ndindi is an entitled bully and should refrain from kiherehere

And the peasants will be the grass beneath this whole war… As usual

Am not his fan but he is really shaken,hadi nikaona huruma kidogo

Ungemtuma kwangu,ananijua vizuri.By the time am done with him hatarudia tena