Nyongo Arrogance

I am watching Nyongo on Citizen lecturing the interviewer and other penalists.Arrogant and outrighty rude

Nyong’o has always been like that…kuna siku ali-harass slay queen Lilian Muli mpaka nikakahurumia. Na hiyo time she was the sh.it, she was used to male guests fawning over her. Huyo na Miguna ukiwa-interview lazima mtavurugana.

How many times am I going to tell you guys njaruos are prehistoric…aaaarggghh, nimechoka kuwaambia…

Njaruos ni arrogant kaa shiet

Mtu kama Nyongo hujiona ni kamungu juu ni professor. To a narcissist like him majority of us are subhumans.

Nyongo the Prof was good. Those guys are blaming governors for all the health issues yet national government has not disbursed revenue to them since December. How do they expect the counties to run health departments and others. The rudeness from Nyongo on the issue was on point.

Wait a moment njaruoboy.

Have you read the Katiba.

Counties have two sources of revenue. Appropriations from the national treasury (KRA) AND local taxes.

Kiambu collects about 2b from local taxes and has so far managed to pay it’s workers. Why can’t a whole city-county be able to collect enough to pay it’s workers?

We all know the answer…

Ha ha ha ! I am not even a Luo. That does not excuse national government from not disbursing the revenue due to counties. The amount of revenue counties can generate is limited. You cannot compare the revenue that can be generated by a county like Nairobi and Samburu. They do not have equal economic opportunities/ own revenue source generators.

Ile kitu wanajuanga hao wanawahost wako chini kiasi kwa hivyo Wana waibisha na language na facts

I decide whether you are a njaruoboy or not.

On the revenue issue, if that is the case then counties should tailor their expenses according to their resources.

Why should a county that earns just 150m pa have a wage bill for MCAs of 450m?

Your decision is just as useless as it is…because it does not change my dna and ethnicity. Number of MCAs and their salaries are not for a county to determine. The number of MCAs and their salaries arw determined by laws and src respectively.

He’s quite frustrated by the delayed disbursement of funds. Maybe he’s eager to loot as the moment he receives them.

Stop splashing poop on Kijiji servers

Kiambu can’t meet its expenses with 2b only hapo unadanganya

Samburu has several national parks and game reserves under its control. You don’t know what you are talking about

how much do those parks pay? per month? you’ll be surprised how blacks are being shafted in the name of conservations.

Low IQ is your problem. Have I said it can??

Waru, umeamka na matusi. Piga mswaki kwanza

Sawa. Siyo personal. Banter tuu…

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isn’t that rather presumptuous, especially on a thread in which someone’s arrogance is being discussed?