Do you know the more a man nyongas monkey the more weak and limb he becomes. With every nyonga you loose energy and stamina reason you cum in the first 1 minute in a pussy and hard to get another erection.

Stay away from nyongaring that monkey but go for the real thing - you are killing him and yourself

Ok. Good advise. Na kuumiza mkono while fucking it like a pussy is not good.

I told you guys. Stop kawasaki

Sorry for your experience brother

Masturbation has no negative effects on the health of a man, the WHO confirmed that, these guys saying it’s bad get their information from religious website eg Christians against sex.com, purelife.co.ke

Kunyonga monkey is healthy

It’s not healthy for the monkey!

A wank a day keeps prospate cancer away…:smiley:

From all those years ya kunyonga nugu si ningekuwa na muscle atrophy. [SIZE=1]Typing this with my left hand[/SIZE];):wink:

Hio ni pre-emptive strike against prostate cancer.

95% of men wank. The other 5% are liars!

Out of the absurdities

You talk same manner women talk ‘all men are dogs’. A you a woman?

Do you strangle it considering you have a wife and a whole fleet of momos to boot?

I does affect performance negatively,u might end up ponding on a lanye for 10 minutes billa kumwaga.

Bado Uko hizi streets shyny,?

When I was single in 1920

I thought so too