Nyeuthi manufacturing



We need just 20 more like-minded men and Kenya’s GDP trendline will be back on track


Very encouraging news from that young man.
Hope he is the proprietor owner and not the face coz that’s a lot of capital injection right there


It could be sabotaged and brought down because the investors are tribe X while the thieves holding political power are tribe Y

What exactly are they manufacturing?

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Jembes, forks, pangas etc

Its electrical machinery


Hawa wako na guts na venye hii si uchumi ya kuwekeza. Kuna mahali nilisoma 70% of SMEs in Kenya fail within the first 3 years, real estate development on the other hand ni kumaliza na kuanza kumumunya ROI pole pole.

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Real estate ROI is realised after ten years or so.

This is demonstrably false, ROI in real estate is determined by location. Najua watu Kahawa wendani walijenga tubedsitters floors ka saba na ROI ilianza ata kabla miaka tano ziishe.

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They make USB cables, led , etc

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Hats off to the Guy

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haka kamtu came out with an automate shutoff car system a few years back. Alafu, true to form, akaingilia pombe akakwama. Now he has finally woken up after almost 20 years. Very slow mentality

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Upuss … you can fall 7 times so long as u wake up an 8th time.


I’m just hoping KRA will not frustrate them.