Nyeuthi Huwa Tunaulizwa Nini

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The truth is Africans don’t have a good reputation. Call a spade a spade.

They are high-risk customers, both men and women.

Our representatives abroad are notorious for shoplifting.

This is no different from a landlord not renting out his apartments to Luo tenants months before an election. They are known for certain behaviors and unfortunately, the innocent among them suffer needlessly.

So, you can be the most virtuous African, but because Africans already have a bad reputation, you will be subjected to the same treatment.

Do wazungus shoplift? Yes. But wazungu shoplifters don’t have dark skin and are the majority, so they are camouflaged.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the store is owned by a nyeuthi african american.

What kind of English is this though?
[SIZE=7]“If an African customer comes to the bottle shop presses the button for assistant”. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=5]Typo there. And what is bottle shop. And then British and American typically don’t use the word customer. And they would use the word “Black” not “African”.
This is pointing to a photoshop. [/SIZE]

The risk remains regardless of the race of the store owner. I would include that sign if I owned a grocery store abroad. Let nyeuthis biach and mourn about racism but facts are facts - they are a high risk population and are easy to profile because of their skin color.

Are there white shoplifters? Yes obviously. But they blend in with the general population (abroad) making them harder to profile. The cost of identifying them exceeds the rewards unlike that of simply profiling black customers.

You can’t profile Black patrons publicly. Not only will your business be shut down immediately, but you will be assessed with serious fines for civil rights violations. Utakuwa bankrupted.

Nilikam kuona most bonobos don’t understand why businesspeople behave the way they do. Their default response is “racism”.

Africans are easy to identify and profile abroad. The same way its easy to identify and profile a caucasian in Kenya. They don’t blend in with the general population.

If one out of 10 African customers is a shoplifter, and one out of 100 white customers is a shoplifter, and you are in Europe or USA, the easiest strategy to manage risk is to profile the Africans. It sucks but small businesses don’t have resources to screen everyone.

Profiling also works in reverse e.g a white person in Kenya. The average white person in Kenya will spend more at a beach resort than an African. So white people get profiled in a positive way for them by getting better service. They are generally higher spending clients.

My point is, if bonobos keep shi.tting around, and you are a bonobo, you will bear the consequences regardless of your own morals. It sucks but it is the most efficient way or reducing risk from the business owner’s perspective.

That sign is on the cash register. Anyway, I would still profile black customers even though it wouldn’t be public because they are a high risk population. I wouldn’t do it because of hate, but to reduce the risk of shoplifting.

So unafikiri wazungu ndio ufanya kazi ya register. Anyways I thought you said publicly, my error there.

Mimi kama mwafrika I would profile blacks if I was doing business abroad e.g running a grocery store. That’s the easiest way to reduce shoplifting. Blacks will biach and complain about it, but I would do what’s best for me as a business owner, not what they want.

Many businesses profile by the way, but not openly. I will give you an example. There’s several but sitaki kuderail. Tuseme duka za Naivas. Utazipata mtaa zote in Nai. A Naivas equivalent is Target i( although much bigger). You will find Targets in all neighborhoods except in Majority Black areas.

Kuna kitu inaitwa pattern recognition. Not all snakes are venomous. However, if you see a snake in your house, your default reaction should always be to kill it. That default reaction is from thousands of years of evolution and you know that its not worth the risk of finding out whether or not the snake is venomous. In the same vein, its smarter to profile an African than trying to find out whether he is a shoplifter or not.

So you are the snake. a brainless thieving bonobo as you have described and you wouldnt mind being profiled as such. good to know

You have a point.
I trust you’re ready to experience covert and overt racism when it comes knocking.

Some of the stuff you write here now makes sense. Reason why you refer to yourself as “BROWN SKIN”. Perhaps in hopes that you would have been born one hue lighter - to be white.

Have you ever traveled or lived overseas na wazungu?

Give you a snippet. White people also hate and discriminate against each other.


My take is some stereotypes just don’t come out of nowhere , If I was in the states walking on a street and I saw some young black men in saggy jeans coming my way I would cross the road, If I see some old white dude talking to a kid my mind would go to pedophile alert ,if I saw a white girl with colored hair I would think woke cunt ! So maybe the shop owner has had several bad run ins with black folk

In summary,

Hapa kenya we have SONKO MJINGA.

Choice of words, maybe I dont know??

If you have a pub or a club in Europe you will employ Eastern Europeans as bouncers and let them know that they only allow a small specific number of Africans. If not ndugu you will end crying and your broders will laugh at you. In business you have to be cold.

Most likely this is not a native English speaker. Most Yulopeans kizungu yao iko down kuliko ya raiya za Nyandarua.

You have a big misconception of white people. Those people are masters in shop lifting and pickpocketing. black people are just caught often because they are suspected every time. actually cameras suggest that whites shoplift alot.