Nyeuthi Hapendwi




even animals are treated better; its sad that humans are their own worst threat ! and the staff just looking at him being roughed up? hata wanyama hawawezi ona mwenzao anaumia na wameganda tu hapo without offering aid…

Hawajafanywa poa lakini pia hawa West African wajue kudumisha heshima…They are a disturbance kila mahali waendapo.
ThosE guards didn’t just decide wacha tucharaze hawa,lazima kuna kitu walifanyA.

Clearly theres other African students in the pandemonium who are not being attacked. In fact the cameraman is African. So what exactly did the dude do?

I agree.

Kusema tu ukweli Nigerians give the whole of Africa a bad name ! kila mahali ukienda this mofos are just the loudest buggers kwa metro wano bonga nikama wako Makoko ! Tabia mingi mbaya they are the go to guys ! Kuna wengine niliona waki charazana kwa streets ukiona vile walami walikuwa wame ingiza njeve wacha tu, now everybody sees this as African !

Nigerians are not human beings. They are @Half_Human half-monkeys

Nigerians are the best of Africans. They’re assertive, dominant and not cowardly like other Africans. In fact, with good leadership, they will rapidly become a superpower.

Uko na jokes

Why do you aspire to be loved by others yet you hate yourself?
Mara ngapi umelipa hongo ili upate huduma fastster?

if africans dont wake up , expect more videos of that nature…

[SIZE=5]to wake up we need to analyse everything our societies got from foreigners juu they divide us… [/SIZE]in the era we are in today…black ppl are at the bottom and pale skin ppl at the top… even god is pale , bt since kuresearch ni ngumu , wewe ngoja ukufe uende fake magical heaven


That’s the truth. Take Igbos for instance. Those guys always know what they want and how to get what they want.

After numerous bad experiences with Nigerians, I’m extra cautious with them. One even had the audacity to lie that his dad had died tumchangie aende funeral, kumbe jamaa ni kuhama anahama anataka tu kutugonga kabla aende. 2 days later he was spotted in a different city wilding out. Kadem kengine ka KQ was conned every single penny she had. She had even disposed off her assets ati wafanye biz. The guy fucked her both physically and financially then disappeared without a trace.
There are some really cool Nigerians, no doubt. But mi nikishaskia hio accent it’s a case of guilty until proven innocent.

Dealing with a nigerian in biz will always leave you with a bitter taste, the way to treat others is ugly. They are like chokosh kids who do not understand etiquette, just because he is paying he thinks he can treat you like shit. When I was doing uber i learnt the hard way and resorted to treating them like animals they are. I would nolonger tolerate there rudeness, I kicked several out of the cab