Nyeusi are the guinea pigs.


The price of the vaccine has been discounted by WHO in those countries

Does anyone remember the H1N1 vaccine and how it caused narcolepsy?

We must first advocate for compensation from BRITAIN for the rinderpest pandemic they caused here in the late 1800’s, else we CONFISCATE all farms owned by them in this country.

Njaribu kugusa shamba ya mzungu tutachapwa sanctions kama Zimbabwe.


Where did you get your information? If you don’t investigate your source you become an agent of misinformation.

Our politicians are already taking the farms

Yes, they have been doing it secretly but am sure their actions have not gone unnoticed.

The UK cant do anything about it the leases are expiring and the UK did not even like the settlers

You again? Si you leave guys alone to vent or whatever. We are not held to editorial standards, I suggest you join a journal club like the NEJM where you can go set YOUR standards for people.

I don’t understand. What is wrong with raising awareness?