It’s sad that the people meant to protect life are ending it.


Passive aggressive colleagues. Dont you just love them? She is crucifying everyone (while hiding in the tea room during working hours), meanwhile everyone else is out there filling prescriptions, dispensing meds, changing dressings and doing a ton of other bedside procedures, recording vital signs, charting inputs and outputs, following round proceedings, following up labs, arranging imagings…basically going through a nerve racking endless list of chores that actually affects people’s lives and outcomes…while this one is just irrigating the tearoom floor with tears and wasting time.

Let us debunk this a bit!

  1. 0842 (tea break? saa mbili? Errr… OK)
  2. “Advocate for patient” “proposal to get the care that he needs” = contradict standard treatment protocol for the clinical picture
  3. “Got units switched in the other hospital, when advocating for the little hispanic lady” = discplinary reassignment for arguing with the whole ICU team which had preference for intubating and venting a younger patient in place for the hispanic cucu
  4. “A patient had a heart rate of 40, you do not give him epinephrine… you give him atropine…” = patient had a pulseless electrical activity and the resident had actually put his finger on the carotid for 10 secs and got nothing… ( as opposed to this cunt who was just standing by being useless or just looking at the monitor) AHA in 2010 withdrew use of atropine for pulseless activity due to lack of evidence for therapeutic benefit. BUT; adrenaline is indicated.

This cunt is one fabulous piece of work I tell you.

  1. “There was a nurse who placed an NGT into some guy’s lungs and filled the guy’s lungs with tube feeding” = Yeah. It happened. OK. This one, I have seen this one before. Usually, the nurse is none the wiser. Much progress has been made in the area of NGT (Nasogastric tube or “feeding tube”)placement confirmation over the years. However, a perfect method has yet to be found. This causes frustration for the nurses and caregivers of the patients requiring the care of the NGT. Endotracheal misplacement of NGT is going to happen, and the nurse will feel like killing herself. The alternative is never to use NGTs. Hehehe…
  2. “Confused a short acting insulin with a long acting insulin…” = (This one I am yet to see.) That patient hypoglycemia was likely easily detected and managed and the patient died from something else. But if this bitch is trying to tell us she has never mistaken the contents of a syringe for something similar but different…she is lying, or she has been a nurse for too short.
    7." I am pretty SMART" [Hahahahahaaaa…!] and ati “I figure a lot of things by myself, but I would never try to learn to work a CRRT Machine on the fly. The patient is going to be dead in 2 hours. I am literally coming here every day and watching them killing them…” = I am an angel. The guys in here are demons.

Wapi Papo?