Nyayo Bus Services Season 2.

Well, well, well, what do we have here?
The eating must continue at all costs.

NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 22 – The National Youth Service (NYS) will from Thursday deploy 27 buses to help alleviate the commuter crisis in Nairobi occasioned by the ongoing heavy rains, NYS Director General Richard Ndubai has announced.
He said the decision to deploy the NYS buses was made to save commuters from the high fares that are charged by public commuter vehicles during the current season.
Ndubai said that the NYS buses will charge a flat of Sh50 regardless of the distances and the routes used by commuters from high population areas of Nairobi.
He said while more vehicles will be deployed at a later stage, the routes that will immediately benefit from the NYS buses include Kibera, Githurai, Mwiki, Mukuru kwa Njenga, Dandora, Kariobangi and Kawangware.
“We have witnessed people in Nairobi walking long distances in the rain and most of the time due to high fares charged by commuter vehicles. We shall do the much we can to alleviate the suffering,” he said.

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This is good.

For ever doomed, let NYS lead in efforts of flood control. If it’s a must they help with the situation

Good move. Shida ya Kenya is execution. Hopefully this will work.

What is the mandate of NYS? I like the initiative, its in good faith, but President Uhuru should use NYS even more…

I understand they have the best borehole drilling machinery lying idle at their yards, let them be dispatched to rural primary schools and villages to drill boreholes etc , their road construction machinery could also be deployed to do village and slum roads etc

I chose to refrain from political talks but this is a good thing.


Lazima Rotich ajaze deficit yake.

Ubaya kuna mtu atapora hio pesa bado. Kenya yetu:D

I am skeptical about the whole idea.

each route requires at least 20 vehicles for them to realize the goals else kuna watu watakuwa wanakutana tu nazo kwa jam everyday

As with all government initiatives, the idea is good but the execution is what we will be crying about in the next ten years.

Good move lakini 27 buses apan tosa

The only solution out of the Nairobi commuter transport mess is a scheduled light train system properly run and operating on time.

This is rubbish we should have a full-fledged metro system. We keep beating around the bush instead of setting up permanent solutions for our city.

Watu wa MWA led by chairman dickson mbugua wata protest kwa streets

Let them do it. They’re failures

Kama mzuri mzuri.

The former plans by NYS that were scuttled by tumbocracy were very noble. I think red1scarlet back in klost was one of the policy formulators, it was fashioned on the economic recovery plan by President Roosevelt.
But self seeking bastard’s both in the government and opposition couldn’t let it flourish and the person’s in charge were part of the feeding frenzy. If only we could be hanging corrupt politicians and their cronies?

saw on SSC they are still building the stations but I have seen snails move faster.
@spear what is the envisaged timeline on the metro line? a thread on the same would be appreciated.

There is no metro-line (subway) in Kenya anytime soon. We need to exhaust roads, rail to consider that. So far we haven’t even started a proper network of commuter train.

The current commuter train station being built now are under a world bank funded project. There is one in Ruiru and another in Githurai. That project just like all world bank reputation is moving painfully slow, I can’t even attempt to predict when it will be completed.