Nyari bridge


Capital fm are reporting that its a matatu that plunged into the ocean

Nobody knows which car fell off the bridge, mara matatu mara surf, mpaka ipatikane ndio tutajua.

Msema kweli ni hizo cctv hapo

majini na masonic powers

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mbicha zingine tafasali




hii nyumba inajengwa kwani niya druglord flani mbona ka gate directly to the shore

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Nice observation…
@Meria Mata,whats the update?

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Because the sea is also a road.

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That area was reclamated from the sea, it’s some marina apartments under construction

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This is the version that I have heard: That is was a matatu with four passengers,the driver and the conductor. So far three bodies have been pulled from the deep…

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this is a case of suicide mission, or the driver was the hybrid type alikua ametoka kuwatch Transporter refueled

As an old driver these are my observation.; the driver slept; the stearing broke ; the front left tyre went bust. …in all three scenario , the vehicle, whether a black toyota surf, a matatu from kongowea, a mimibus from malindi, or lately, an alien advance attack module, was speeding

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CCTV clip obtained by police reveal no vehicle plunged into the ocean as alleged.

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Iii kitu haileweki
Maraa kitu iligonga ikahepa…vindeo attached

Kuna majini hapo imepush gari.