nyap bizness

a friend has built 10 single room units equipped with a bed he intends to use them as rooms for short time any one with experience

Experience ya kutumia rooms?


experience ya ku run brothel

Fungua bar as front/main biz ya disguise


install hidden cameras uuze videos river road…


Where will your friend source the nyap vendors from?
Will there be privacy for the clients?

Unaweza uzia TLS HD local content

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Location Kwanza Muhimu

How will he sell what he doesn’t possess? Wauza kuma ni wale wamebebana nazo

Fail. Coomer Ni self contained room kivyake.

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Location location location…hizo single rooms ziko wapi?
Halafu rooms ziko self contained?
Is the a biz ya keroro hapa mbele or in the vicinity to ensure a constant availability of customers?



Make sure those rooms are near many bars where there are very many prostitutes. If there are none, you have no choice but to set up a bar as a front business to get customers. 99% of the customers are drunkards, so you must have a bar or be located in close proximity to many bars without lodgings.

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Following for pink handles


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Just become a slum landlord toa hizo vitanda uuze uongezee nyumba zingine za mabati

tembea spinners web nyeri its a good site for benchmarking

He will have to have a small meeting with the area older pimps/malayas to talk to those prostitutes in the area and bring them to ur premises wajiseti kwa tables and chairs across the pub… A friend was also thinking of going down that route in some pub he opened around Ruiru… we even had some meetings with those old lanyes to spell out some rules of engagement but he ultimately abandoned the idea, but I think it is very lucrative the rooms may even give you more cash than the pub


OK Thats very funny though I got a friend who has one unit he runs as a ho house. Basically security tu. And liase with the cops (incentives) and what not.