Nyandarua CUCU dies

Of all the things please avoid doing business with county governments. Governors are devils and will not care even if you die. Counties don’t pay.

Look at doctors after healthcare was devolved


Kumbe ni yeye alinyorokia hiyo path ya kutoka county offices all the way to OlKalou town,kazi safi

The project was financed by the World Bank… So, were the funds diverted elsewhere? Anyway, I have never done business with the County nor National Government and have no plans to ever do! May she rest in peace!

sad bana

I have a friend he had to bribe in order to be paid something even after taking a loan to supply something. Governors are shetanis pepo chafu.

County Government is a minefield for business people… If you are paid on time, the DPP and EACC will now target you (you must have seen the number of cases against the traders and county Government fellows)… and they are in it to share the cake and if you fail your name will be on Citizen TV and all newspapers!

I long blacklisted the county and central govts and their agencies in my hustle way back in 2018. Maumbwa hao. Wanaweza Fanya uchotwe bure.

Pale tumefika “death through county government tenders” should be allowed on death ceritificates!

It is a real disaster… I know of many guys admitted in hospitals after doing business with them and having their properties auctioned since they were never paid 5 years after supply/ project completion… and KRA, EACC still pursue them…

Sad. Counties na Cendro governments utaona moto.

The question should be “what would have the governor lost if he had paid her in due time?!” NKT

Shauri yake. Who doesn’t know kufanya kazi na gava ni ujinga??

Alafu upate pesa yake ilitoka and someone decided to squander it with prostitutes.

Those government officers do not give a damn…

Btw, ni ngumu sana kupata invoice financing ya county gavament. Ngumu sana

Banks employ degree holders.

Suppliers wa supermarkets pia wamelia sana miaka na mikaka