nv thots.. wat say you?

I think we all need a break from this useless series called politics… weve been at it for over 50 seasons yet we dont see where its taking us… ni kama bold n beautiful - haiishi… when will the credits roll? Tujue exec producer, producer, director, main actor, supporting (ju anyway havent seen an actress of note - yet), stunt men, best boy grip, music score, n whoever else is involved in such a production that would sweep the razzies… its a critical flop, box office bomband nothing to remember beyond the less than stellar cast… yet we all watch it and cheer on… sasa me have decided to focus on the more entertaining productions such as eurocup where late drama between czechs and croats made my friday, NBA slugfest where no game is competitive just back n forth blowouts and copa america where brazil cannot hold their own… may be a great weekend when cavs win from 2-0 and 3-1 down , dont pretend y’all wrote them off…


What do I say?! Hmm…


The message is relevant but still…



izi nv zinatoka?

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NV… Chukua like.

NV, good news! There is a separate section called Entertainment where you can stir sopsuds all day, and Sports so that you can drop footballer’s names and be the coach of the year.


ati the bold and the beautiful…? kwani hii NV imetoka Mbeya?


Nv unajua paragraphs, comma na semi colon? Meffi.


Nv inakuja kutusumbua asubuhi=====>



Vile Elders wamesema hapo juu.
hata hivyo chukua like ya kuchagua huu mtandao

took time to look for a relevant or not so relevant image to reply… got my message

Osungu ni yenu… to quote Eddie Griffin ‘Doesnt matter the messenger, but, did you get the message?’
shida ya huu mtandao ni ranking of people based on the BS they spew and how many similar minded but apparently lower IQ individuals react with their thought provoking but somewhat idiotic comments. you react to any post but have nothing of note to say, just white noise in an era of digital revolution. A blip on the horizon, a notification on google plus, a poke on facebook, to cap it off you are a pinch of salt in an ocean (it is salty for crying out loud!).
How is that for osungu, punctuation or any petty issues you may yet raise?
Meffi tupu…
PS (i actually used that when we wrote letters)
Its the elders and senior citizens that are messing up the country that this ‘blog’, ‘social media site’ or ‘forum’ that this platform borrows a name from. Hate and diss away people.

Good, now leave. We don’t entertain riff raff who feel they are above the rest yet can’t observe simple rules of language. Yes, we do pay attention lest we help breed the ‘xaxa’ generation of which you seem to be a core member of.

Apart from Wakanyama and now you, no other member of this forum has a low IQ.

I’m sure you know your way around deleting online accounts. Adios matapaka



am in delirium… i leave WHEN i want to… that generation you mention has more to do with you than you care to admit…
well, aint it an honor whaen a senior citizen pulls a ‘Game of Thrones’ stunt on a lesser mortal… keep the faith