We all know of the stereotype of how nurses are hoes but hapa experiences/comments zimejaa. If you decide to marry one ole wako

Was expecting a video of a RN giving a hearty handjob to a fellow nurse,doctor or patient.What a anticlimax.

Nimeoa nurse na siezi tombewa … nimeweka kamuti kwa mpango …ukiingiza unakwama… everyone’s happy

Bana toa hii confidence. I worked in a certain hospital where the part time surgeon used to screw a visibly pregnant nurse during night shift. The lady is married to a bishop

Mara nurses, mara teachers, mara salonists, mara bank tellers, mara insurance agents, mara air hostess, mara police, etc etc. Kunguru ni kunguru regardless of the occupation. I think we should cut women some slack for once. Ukipata msichana mzuri na ni nurse usikose kuoa if you are not MGTOW. There is no perfect occupation so as long as you avoid the sex-related ones (prostitutes, influencers, barmaids, strippers and onlyfans/chaturbate hoes), utakuwa tuu sawa.

Nurses are very well known for promiscuity. Not as much here. But a lot of married RNs fuck around in the West. Ask any male nurse wanapata slices very easily because you spend 16hrs per day with someone at odd hours

How many male nurses do you know?? In a female dominated profession, there will always be more known hoes.

That’s like saying you know an alcoholic boda boda rider/matatu driver/kangez. Obviously, because those are male dominated industries.