Nurse builds Police Post for cops who have been operating under tree

A nurse based in Mwingi, Kitui County has showcased a rare act of generosity by constructing a new permanent police station for officers operating at Ngaaie police post.

The officers have been initially operating under a tree, and Regina Mathuva who currently runs a private clinic “NEEMA NURSING HOME” in Mwingi has decided to rescue them from the dust, rain and sometimes scorching sunshine.

Mathuva who resides in Mwingi town said that she was moved by the dilapidation state which the officers were operating opting her to sought permission from Kyuso Sub County Police Commander to construct the building.

she says the newly built offices and police cells have cost Mathuva ksh1.5 million to plant a permanent post.

How did she know of the dilapidated condition?

“When I visited the station n seeking assistance, I was surprised to see the officers serving the public under a tree or inside their houses. It started raining heavily when we were under the tree while seeking assistance. I was disturbed and swore to make a change by building them a police post,” Mathuva said.


Meanwhile a vice president and former very senior cabinet members and current governor hail from the region.





What a lovely soul

They’re busy with National politics

They get the leaders they deserve. Wacha wakamba basi waendelee kukula ujeuri, recycling old corrupt leaders.

They don’t see how okoyus kick these bonobos out fwasta fwasta. Kabogo out, Ndathi out, Waititu out etc etc.

They’re concerns that Okuyu aren’t nurturing their leaders, like our Luo brothers are doing. Luo leaders are way much better placed in articulating issues politically due to the fact that they have been around for sometime

Kenya’s rotten. :mad::(:confused:

Rotten to the core

My Government Steals 2 Billions Per Day - Uhuru Kenyatta.

Kind but stupid. That’s letting her area MP or whoever is responsible off the hook. Such actions are retrogressive because they encourage politicians to loot.

I’m curious to know the authorisations needed for such a project which ideally should be a fully government sponsored one.

Tried constructing a public road as a community in our area… Everyone from the chief, MCA, MP to KURRA flatly refused. Eti that’s a government affair. Many years later, the road is still not done but the politicians will come back with that as bait kama sisi ni wajinga.

What kind of a road were you constructing.

Bad decisions and lethargy end up affecting real people on the ground. In this case tje police were on the receiving end of things.

Access road to the estate. All weather murram to start with.

This nigga lying !

Kenya needs factories more than police stations

She’s probably setting herself up to run for office

You just in involve the community and also those offices.Sio kwenda hapo na kifua.

Nothing would have been done in 10 years. It now sends a message. And btw, Police is under National gvt.

And what an impressive way of doing so. Start by building police posts, then clinics, schools, etc.