Nunu heist:2nd,3rd and nth wives

[FONT=georgia]Ladies let’s talk. Juzi a lady was killed by her husband’s kids with his 1st wife bcz she went to their home and started living there. [/FONT]
As a Christian, I am not only anti polygamy but even marrying anyone whose first spouse isn’t dead coz in the Bible that is adultery. However in Africa is the order of the day especially in Nyanza and its environs. Unlike where I’m from where it’s hard to find a polygamous family in Nyanza it’s hard to find a monogamous family. For me even my grandparents MTSRIP were monogamous. It’s only my maternal great grandpa who had 16 but that’s because he was a chief, there was no chief who was monogamous because they were wealthy and women prefer to share a wealthy man than have a poor man exclusively.

Now that polygamy is a fact. If you want to be a second, third or nth wife. The women I’ve seen do it successfully, insist that the man buys or rents them another house. Equally the man must pay all bills mpaka DSTV subscriptions fees. Even if you are working bcz there’s no point sharing a man when he can’t provide fully for you.

Keep distance from his other family or families. Don’t go to them. Let him come to you. Ladies we have to respect senior mboches I mean first wives bcz these ladies have done alot, they met a guy when he had nothing and took loans for him, drank water and slept hungry, walked while pregnant because of no money, some even washed his underwear with excrement. So without this woman the guy would probably not even have the money to spend on you.

So what am I saying, keep distance live away from his other family , be provided for fully bcz you are risking alot, huna papers, if the man dies, you may not even be allowed to see him in hospital coz you are not the wife recognized by the law, so ensure that you are adequately compensated for the risk that you are taking. Respect the senior mboch, I mean first Wife, and avoid directly antagonizing her and her kids coz she’s the source of your good fortune. She made this guy rich and that’s why you are able to eat the fruits. Respect her. Keep distance. And most importantly make the most of this opportunity to build yourself so that in future you can be financially independent which is the most important thing for any woman who does not want to be at the mercy of men.


@TrumanCapote you give very misleading advise.