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So I am in a group of Christians ya maombi so a prayer request came in from a lady whose bro and his business associate conned nuns of a plot of land, the lady begged the bro to return the nuns money the guy was like kwani watado wot ni wengi tumeona. Sasa the nuns went to the plot prayed with rosaries there cried n poured some holy water baadaye they were assigned to Rwanda. So in short time 6 months the other guy died of mysterious illness and the bro after awhile abt 3 months after the partner in crime died got colon cancer. So the hospital he was admitted which was a it far from where all this took place, some pastors not catholic who do hospital ministry ya kuimbea wajonjwa asked if they can pray for him. After prayer one told him he kept seeing nuns praying.

As this one was talking another came up and said the uncle was a school bursar and stole money it was a missionary school. So a nun confronted him and in anger he slapped her. Since then the hand has shriveled like polio.

Of course I respect nuns very much I was in a mission high school where you couldn’t even talk back to a nun to defend yourself we had some from Poland n we feared them vile unaweza ogopa malaikal but now what recourse do these men have to undo the damage? Coz even this one of bursa the nun was transferred to Burkina. Faso hawapatikani waombwe msamaha.

they are but human… heard Wasee hudry fry nuns mbaya sana mpaka they come for more… but pesa ya watu usiichezee if they cry to god’s their prayer is answered

Jamaa wa kuruka kwa vichaka leta hekaya

You have been fighting any manner of gossip of late.
What has changed?

Anonymous pple making up lies about you is one thing but a friend or a former friend or classmate or frenenemy. That’s just sad and all bcz ulikataa kumnunulia pombe na ukamghost. If this was a woman yall would be talking about she’s a kuguru a bitter one but now yall celebrating this rumor monger. In the long run you never know what retaliation may come from this story. This are people who know each other. IRL it’s not just an anonymous online.

kuna ka nun ka home nlikua najaribu kudry fry but b4 Chance itokee kakaruka spain. kwanza ngekamalizia Kwa road kakitoka kwao mapema karudi cathedral