Number ya hii midget mmekataa nayo kabisa ama?

Ukona video

Iko Youtube akiwa na kijamaa

That body is fire but women with a nose shaped like hers turn me off whether she has fire rosecoco and big apple shaped assss (i love apple shaped ass) i still cant bring myself to find her attractive. She should do a nose surgert to fatten it a bit

kitu mzuri hivi wewe unaona mapua bro? hahaha

Kuita kuma i jina is a disservice to that great organ… Improve

I thought I was alone. It’s very primitive.

Cover the pua and…:smiley:

ako na forehead kubwa hii nadinya nikiwa mlevi kwa giza

Leta handle zake za sosho media ghaseer!

It looks very good, from the first photo it is not even clear that it is very low

Nobody gives a fuck about what you like or what turns you on you pea size brained nincompoop.

Your extremely petty Kula whips

Jaduong maliza hio blockhead.

only homosexuals and women use that term rosecoco

Please concentrate on your small business of selling leaked sex videos of your fav politicians otherwise you wont afford your monthly rent of 2500 in that hole filled mabati house in Kibera slums.

Rosecoco is the name whether you kindkni or kuthakni

Someone here said cover the nose and fire the base. That is a great strategy

leteni namba

I am an equal opportunity fucker but the size of the head relative to the body is what is off for me. I might be traumatised for life.