Number plates

I like the style of the number plate in this car. If I want mine designed like that what processes do I have to go through and approximately how much will I incur?’elegance_article_full.jpg


Personalized plate if am not wrong is one milli.

:eek::eek::eek: I though personalized is when you put your name on the plate. This is just the normal plate with a black shade and some calligraphy

Ngombe hii. Personalized plate ni kama hii

It still isn’t the standard KRA number plate from Kamiti thus I don’t expect you to get and use it for free.

Hiyo ni vintage car,original 1st or 2nd generation number plate not customised.

Hakuna kitu kama “personalised”

Customised number plates na bei ni moja 1 Million. No colour options.
The front plate is white and the back plate is yellow in colour. So that our afandes can tell whether it’s an incoming or ongoing traffic.

all vehicles in the 60s had similar design plates, can’t get such today

design from UK

NTSA siku hizi

Kweli. My Dad’s Beetle had such.

this kind of Number plate indicates that the vehiecle is Tax exempt.
Yaani, a car with this kind of plates is considered as a VINTAGE/ CLASSIC car and is therefore not required for the driver to pay Road tax on it owing to its age.
Classic or/and Vintage is a Relative term depending on where you are in the world lakini in the UK for example, Classic is a car that is roadworthy 25 years from the day they were first registered etc…

Lakini,with the new system of N.P.R ? (Number Plate Recognition) in the UK ,the colour of the plates is basically irrelevant juu the cops can tell All details about the car from scanning the number plates via the many Cameras along the roads and/or the scanners at the front of all cop cars that scan and alert cops when they drive past you.

Still stands out and looks like the Dog`s Bollocks if you ask me!.. kikikikikkkk…

In Kenya?

I am almost sure the Law is the same in Kenya seeing that we adopted the same Laws from the British.
Don`t also forget that while the Rolls Royce above may carry a Kenyan Plate, the owner might have been a British immigrant who relocated to Kenya with his favourite vehiecle etc…

Not true.
Have a KCT vintage in the family since 1969 with those black plates.
Up until they scrapped road license, it was dutifully paid.

Precisely why i insist that that this must be a British registered car brought into Kenya by some mzungu who immigrated into Kenya and declared it as a Tax exempt Car so as not to have to pay rod tax on it in Kenya,

Look at colonial cars they had those plates so hiyo mambo ya tax exempt ni yako.KDF are exempted from taxes(duty)and well,some of their vehicles have kawaida plates.