Number Plate Change

Wadau what happens when u are issued with a number plate that u dont like?
Can u apply for a change?

Uliza shetani

We Ni Antichrist

We wina ngoma. Na si umekunywa changaa mapema sana

You don’t like the plate design or the number itself?

Apana i have seen this vehicle on sale today FB, saw another prado with the 666 plate on sale…saw another on the road bearing the 666 plate with a “For Sale” tag.
Am asking whether the law allows change of issued plate

The number 666

I don’t think you can unless its an ex gk vehicle. On the plus side, that car is relatively safe from unsavory characters

Approach a muhindi umuuzie.
They like vehicles with number with 666 or number 420X.
I don’t know why.

Futa na white out uweke ile unataka…

The Hindus believe in numbers and stars, that’s why. Everything they do is around this.

How old are u V.E…ama madondo ya muthurwa imeanza kuingia kwa nervous system


i heard ati kwa registration they usually reserve such for non-christians,so by default utaona gari kama izi parklands au south c mostly

Ukiwa na hii namba, hata Dr Prophet Bishop Reverend @Liberty hawezi kukuitisha panda mbegu ya 310…

Iko FB on sale… at 350k

FB page: Uzanunua gari below 500k

Naeza ibuy just to fuck with people’s minds.

Uliza @nyonyo zako :D:D


Nilidhani unamaanisha the new number plates za KCT…They look like those who made them were doodling.I will refuse to buy a good car that has a KCT Number plate