number of kids

how many kids do you plan to have or already have

One girl Two boys

Unauliza ili ufanye ?

Boss, sisi tulifunga hiyo chapter. Next time ukiuliza swali, specify your audience

Prince William ako na watatu na yeye ni King in waiting.
Paupers kwa hivyo tupate wangapi?

3 from my wife and will sire not less than 10 from concubines

@kendez mendez 99% of your threads are pure nonsense , the 1% sense is shouting @uwesmake .

mijinga wa kujaza server . @Deorro nyanganya hii umbwa rights za kuweka thread

kama zuma, 36 known and 10s of uknown

5 kids. Prefarably 3boys and 2 girls
1st born lazima akue boy

I will be adding one kid for every Ksh.90,000 increase in my monthly income.

Breeding and siring like rats.This is the reason why in third world countries, the only guaranteed inheritance is poverty.

I wanted to have six… 2 boys 4 girls. I changed to two, since i cant seem to get even a boyfriend :frowning:

You are wrong. Rats are breeding and siring like humans. not the other way as you claim.

Mbwa kama kwenye babako alizaa kama panya nyamaza

Niko hapa i can give you 8 if you like

7-10 kids. I’m saying it now but i’m hoping i can bear the brunt of that many kids.
I have to follow in the footsteps of my people.
We are very fertile people mashallah.

It is the likely hood of dirty somalis to fill the world with emaciated kids

I had to view this ignored content
I’m a nice person in general
but i’m actually so tired of all of you.
I have never once been racist to any of you.
Or insulted your people.
Not once.
But you keep throwing insults at me
and my people.
The question begs:
what have somalis done to kenyans for them to hate us with this much hatred?

Who the fuck has ruined our reputation on the internet? Who is this bwange person
I want to personally meet them and strangle them

so how many bedrooms will your house have to accomodate all these children

The fact that your fucking brothers can fuck our lovely sisters and if we try fucking somali ladies Whorias wanna kill us