Number 3, Faith.

Faith Kipyegon brings the third gold in 1,500 metres.
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This year Kenya haina bahati.


@Jakoyo leta hiyo makende yako hapa. Tanzania has just bagged the sausand gold medal a few moments ago


We doing it Kenyan style.

That chiq can run,the last push ameponyoka kaa swara dibaba akabaki domo wazi


I didn’t expect Kenya to win because Dibaba was favorite in that distance this year. Lakini 5000 metres, Kenya should hope for a silver because Ayana is taking gold. Ile heat ya jana alikimbia na kuacha kina vivian Cheruiyot by 13 seconds.

That Ayana is in a class of her own. Huyo unless apigwe spike she already has the 10,000 and 5,000 golds in the bag.
Same as Mo Farah in men’s.

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Ayana is a monster but i beleive if the Kenyan contigent get their tactics right Vivian can win anyday.
Just the way that Kipketer guy in 800m destroyed the field with a suicidal dash in the first lap to tune the race for Rudisha.

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5000 is Ayana’s to lose, Kenya haiwes make. She might even break the record.

Apate homa hata yeye :D:D she already has a Cold medal to her name atuachie hii ya 5k.

was rooting for this one. Mujinga Kambudji wa Swiss 100 M but she lost.

Ayana is unstoppable, she has a grudge against Ethiopian selections coach and Dibaba to be specific. She claims they previously dropped her unfairly to the benefit of Dibaba. She went underground and trained vigorously to not only humiliate her, coaches but break the world record. She skipped all diamond league races and trained for 2 years straight year before the world championships. In the national qualifier at Addis she took off for the first time and won making the cut for IAAF championship. That is when she just took off for the first time and won the 10,000 meters crown. She then went underground skipping all events again for two years and missing all the $$$ millions. Two years after and now at the Olympics she is back with a bang.

That’s your own misinformed opinion.
Rudisha himself said in an interview that Kipketer made a mistake with that suicidal dash and was in good form to win a medal if he had followed team instructions. He was supposed to run after Rudisha not infront.

wapi Link ama pia yako ni opinion kama yangu

My opinion is that it’s hard to get a link of something you watched live and its a day long event with many segmented events. Sometimes you take someone’s word for it especially when it makes sense like what @Mathaais has said.

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I was just messing, what he’s stated makes sense to me as well

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Huyu Faith ni 100+ fit sana. angalia muscle tone ya mguu na tumbo. i like.