Nuclear winter is coming

I believe that in the next two years, the world powers (USA, Russia, China, EU) will face off in a nuclear war. FACT! Everytime there’s a global economic crisis a war happens. Look at what happened in Nazi Germany and WW1. Dictators rise up, nationalist feelings increase then war. This time is much worse because of nuclear weapons. You are delusional if you think the Russia-Ukraine conflict will not culminate in a nuclear Armageddon.

It’s quite a paradox. On one hand, it’s the best time to be alive while on the other, quite frankly the world has never been in a more precarious condition.

How will you survive the inevitable collapse? Is it survivable?

Mzito… I thought God won’t let his people perish… what about prophesy, what about the 3.5 years the beast will torment us? So if the two winter years will happen does it mean the beast prophesy won’t be fulfilled?

I won’t say much but know that something huge is about to happen. I mean HUGE! It will shake this world so hard you will not believe it.

Hakuna watu watalipuana ma nuclear.

Hio threat ya nuclear war inatumika kuingiza wasee baridi na uoga ndio waingizwe box ya story za WEF great reset.

Prophet of doom wacha nikupee lanye utombe kichwa ikue clear[ATTACH=full]450849[/ATTACH]

These things were prophesied long ago with terrifying accuracy. What could possibly burn up the whole world?

That’s right, a thermonuclear war.

Isaiah 24:6

Therefore a curse consumes the earth; its people must bear their guilt.
Therefore earth’s inhabitants are burned up, and very few are left.

you realize i can use the same quote to justify the fire that consumed most people in mwitoti and left only few children…

Muzeeee mabusaaa third world kakinuka na fight side ya emerging world power. Mimi kama boy wa putin i will fight in chinese,russian and allies. Lazima i take part in extermination of homosexual.

Usa wakijaribu ata na nuke moja, china, iran na north korea watarudisha mkono on behalf of russia. Eu hio vita watakua spectators tu.