Nuclear taunts

[ATTACH=full]148583[/ATTACH] Talk of a president acting like a child,thinking a nuke button is a joystick! Bure kabisa

The world now looks up to China for stability, growth and wisdom.


they should have a challenge who will push the button first

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Trump ako poa!

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Trump ndiye Mike Sonko wa huko.

Trump is a real and serious president .

Very true, a serious comedian…

Better a comedian that does the job , than a gentleman who just talks the talk .

Hehehe‚Ķwacha comedy pia, What job? Posting ‚Äėthreats‚Äô on twitter? Hata the toughest man in the world, Putin would never stoop that low to post nonsense on twitter. Trump is just a comedian, period.

So i point to his presidential job and you refer me to twitter posts … we endelea na usocialite … would be a fruitless argument .