NTV is investing in investigative journalism and giving kenyans a reason to watch TV.. Tonight at 9PM



Hio direction wanachukua itawasaidia sana.Right now mambo ni ku change ama wa perish.Wana plan ku retrench 600 staff in the coming two months.

9 years ago, they bought a state of the art printing press worth billions of shillings instead of heavily investing in emerging trends in social media.
To make sure that the investment money was recovered they cracked down on online sharing digital copies of the ngazeti.

Wrong move.
They lost out on sales of printed papers and advertising revenue.
That machine is now a white elephant whose cost will never ever be recovered.

Saa hii kinawaramba vinoma.


Watafute content bana

Nothing tops Jicho Pevu. Moha did very good investigative journalism.

His presentation was top notch @Gaines

internet adoption in the country was a technology shock that triggered large reductions in print readership and circulation. Equally there was a large increase in online n social media news readership. What they are experiencing is the Kodak moment. They have to adapt n change with the trend. The other change is the huge recurrent human capital expenditure that they have…

CEO’s shell company probably supplied that printer. Most media companies failed on the social media end. They are now trying to put a footing. Yahoo failed. Failed CNN had videos on their website that couldn’t load. Still the same today.

There’s ways for traditional media to make money eg by producing itemized content. I have seen it work in foreign markets: eg do you remember that show “mga gaa wa upwa”? Imagine if they had 10 similar shows . There’s a tv station I saw that show a little breaking news, weather and then such shows all day.

feminazi waliangusha nation media


I only watch ntv because of olive burrows and her tight clothes

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Wafanye investigate ya Mac muga. Ninyonge time ya prime news


John Allan Namu equally did a good job. He is the one behind Africa uncensored.

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Very happy to hear that. Wafunge ofisi they work from home