NTV editor taking the joke too far


Hizo title huwa fake but very funny,except hii tho

Zingine huwa tu fotoduka

Just Dumbing down the news

Sometimes they are not understood. TV news is not a literary genre, some simplicity and directness is needed.


Hizo news headlines ni za kuokota @pamba kwa daraaam.

Editor anafanya kazi safi sana. Mshahara ipande

Rumour has it its Dr. King’ori who provides the headings


Is been a while since I watched local tv. Bado imejaa soap operachieth na quality ya 144p :D:D

kuna stations zingine unaweza watch. ntv ni yao they do what they want when permitted to .
ama uka apply kama manager huko and fire the whole lot

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]This is what happens when you don’t let people know they aren’t funny in the office.

I remember NTV PUNishing us with these kind of headlines over 10 yrs ago


:D:D:D:D:D @stunner



Nashuku ni kama waliupgrade. I think wako 720p

I like Puns. Like them since win Ben stiens money in the states. Today i was showing my cousin w bunch of the funny headlines. They thought I watch a lot of funny news to know all of them. Nikasema zii downloaded.

Maybe don’t clown people who are vulnerable or regular people

This is classic. Huyo editor aongezewe mshahara.