This has to be the most incompentent government agency ever. First of all their website always has problems either it aint working or its always down sijui kama ni intentional. Secondly, processing a logbook is a tall order. You can imagine someone who did a logbook transfer in August is still being taken in circles ati logbook bado haijatoka and I wonder why they came up with another website for logbook transfer. The old one according to me was ok. Thirdly, smart DL is a menace. Una apply smart DL and 6 months down the line bado haijatoka. Or they give you some crap about printer being broken down and these people take years to replace a printer. Inaitwa smart DL but there is nothing smart about it kwanza they have complicated it even more. Na corruption iko huko wacha tu.

You apply for a logbook in the morning and by evening of the same day, you have it at 2k only. You will wait for months and spend more that that 2k if you decide to keep checking for half a year.

wafunge iyo kiosk inaitwa ntsa

@Use Less ,you’re just a useless person. We are talking on effeciency and not corruption deals .Gui

Kwanza that idiocy of inspecting vehicles every year will be the death of us. Commercial vehicles inspection stickers are bought openly, nobody takes their pickups and lorries for inspection because of the corruption with these malayas.

Hata Mimi @Kuna Vitu Sipendi

Ukitaka kujua how corrupt the agency is enda YouTube uone expose ya bbc about the situation in our roads. Someone takes an old, beat up and unroady worthy matatu for inspection basically a matatu that even a river road mechanic will tell you its hey days are gone and the only option left is to be taken to a junkyard. Funny enough, the matatu passes inspection and you wonder how.

You cannot mention NTSA without corruption. They attend the same church.