No Transport Safety Authority…As someone who does mileage all across the country, I can tell you for free. Your efforts are in futility.
As you are busy targeting drunk drivers along langata road,

  1. tens of trucks are transversing the night from mombasa to busia with no functional lights.
  2. Matatus are busy driving like chariots on fire all across the country.
  3. Boda Boda drivers are a law unto themselves, hardly obeying any rule of law including having a helmet.
  4. Getting a drivers licence is as simple as calling somebody who knows somebody and you’ll have it within an hour.
  5. Tractors in western carrying thousands worth in sugarcane barely have any light leave alone reflectors.
  6. Numerous times I’ve come across NTSA on the road, they are always in a hurry to be somewhere and not address an issue,say of a tata dump truck doing 20kph in the middle lane of Mombasa road.
  7. Despite the glaring statistics, truck drivers, psv drivers, private motor vehicle drivers, Boda Boda riders. No one ever looses their licence for jumping a red right, erratic driving, drink driving, driving unroadworthy vehicles, the measures in place are just fining people!!

Another body that needs disbandment


Yes it is all about making money


Haraka sana

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Washenzi wa boda kwanza, those things should be banned, nothing but a nuisance

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People are driving Toyota and cars with cc ya toy and NTSA wanawatch tu

Bure kabisa!




These guys lack taste of color.green??

continous yellow line

@gashwin I’ll tell you for free that some of us live in a country where if an accident happens on the same spot less than 2 months then the one in charge of transportation and roads resign by themselves . They would not wait for someone to criticize them.


Really? It’s a bit harsh given that the police unit has never been disbanded given their incompetence and corruption. The problem is with us Kenyans. We are greedy and cheesy. Look at truck drivers driving down Salgaa stretch on neutral to save fuel as they already siphoned some of it and sold it off. Look at Ummoiner drivers who decide to go to Kitale during the festive season in order to make a quick buck and they drive carelessly and fast totally disregarding the fact that they do not know the road well enough. The other day a probox driver almost rammed into me coz he was driving and making a phone call at the same time.
While I think NTSA has it’s weaknesses, they can only do so much but as long as we remain aggressive and greedy on our roads, lives will continue being lost.


Wewe lazima umepandiliwa na hawa wasee wa bodaboda,the rate at which you are critisizing,but ni ukweli they are a nightmare


Nip the ones whose root are easy to pull out.You mention UmmoIner matatu forgetting that its owner could be Inspector Boinnet.Uhuru rewarded his crony with a body that has never even taken a baby step.I say starve the kid to death.

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I won’t be fast to stone them though. Kenyans are the worst hypocrites. The ones calling for the disbandment of NTSA are the same ones wakishikwa na NTSA wanapiga magoti na kupeana chai ndio wasikue inconvenienced na court cases and appearances. As a regular A104 user, NTSA wamejaribu(average). Now days vehicles rarely do over 100km/h coz kumulikwa ni kila corner. What they need to do however, is concentrate on BUSES and TRUCKS. Sanasana buses. Those guys have zero respect for small vehicles. No braking lights, infact no lights at all huko nyuma halafu reflector zimejaa uchafu hata hazifanyi kazi. Last but not least, night speed guns are urgently needed


As much as I agree with you, please let NTSA revoke drivers license of some folks and tell me if sanity wouldn’t come back. Let there be a special court to deal with traffic offenses.people will change


That is where the problem is,they concentrate on one side of the vice and overlook a zillion others.Yesterday I was not on the roads,today being an early riser nimegonga bump sehemu fulani,I guess it was put yesterday coz on Monday it wasn’t there,It has been put there coz on the side there is a gate to one of CSs home.If they made themselves felt everywhere ,kila mtu atafuata sheria

Is NTSA in those countries where those toys are manufactured and is there any law that prohits their use in roads there?

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Preaching water and drinking wine,hehe

Hapo NTSA wanajaribu… kwa hiyo stretch ya salgaa wako hapo 24h lakin even that won’t stop an unroadworthy truck with faulty brakes killing people…someone should be prosecuted…the driver, whoever licenced the truck, the owners etc

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They are the worst offenders. Kwanza hiyo stunt yao ya jana racing the truck was a very stupid move and people should be held responsible.