Ntsa workers

Yani I’ve been to the ntsa offices like 3 times over the same issue, naambiwa tu wacha Id utashughulikiwa… Really frustrating, kama kuna talker Ako ntsa main office avail yourself, I will remunerate you if you can help, fuckin wankers

Thank you in advance

Stop tempting govt officers into corruption

Am not tempting anyone, its like these people can’t do the job they’re employed to do, it’s really frustrating going to their offices kule upper hill then you’re told the same thing as last time… “Leave the photocopy of your ID”

They are just helping you not to get arrested


Enda NTSA ya Machakos

Unasema nini wewe ?

NTSA wako 2nd Avenue Ngong Road siku hizi, walitoka upper hill last year.

@REPLICA hit my inbox i got someone

Thank you, nishapata pata msee, amenisaidia , this was a really bad experience

Kijana obviously its the ngong road office, yani instead instead of giving assistance unataka kuharia thread, mefi wewe!!