NTSA HQ sealed off!

THE NTSA HQ in Nairobi has been sealed off. Everyone kicked out of the compound, told to go back kesho. Suspected EACC operation.


Matiang’i manenoz

NTSA offices raided and cordoned off, staff held inside, everyone else ejected as detectives hunt for cartel issuing fake number plates.



Why not arrest those with fake plates, then ,let them sign.

The moment those NTSA guys were removed from alcoblow, they had to look for other sources to fund their lifestyle.
Alcoblow is a cash cow. A friend who was recently nabbed told me that they were about 20 people in a holding cell. Each bribed 10k. So these cops made away with over 200k that one night. Each weekend, these ferkers make about 500k on average.
That’s 2m per month!

It’s good that they are going after them, it’s better than nothing, but it should not take a terror attack for this to happen

Hapo ntsa wasee wako na admin password into the license dBASE wana nukisha kitunguu, kwanza ever since matiangi said a kupata PSV lazima uende refresher… Ukiwa na 10k… Uko ndani ya system… Corruption kila sector

Sometimes problems are only detected during times of adversity.


People still say “husuko”
We used to talk whole sentences like that.
“Misimi natasaka kuesenda kukusula ugasali na sukusuma” :smiley: this was circa 1990

The bad thing is that the operation won’t amount to anything apart from news and we all know gazeti ni ya kufunga nyama

You think?

NYS, Afya scandal, city hall and many more are a precedent

Huwa wanagawa watu wengi

Na si niliskia ni ATPU

still bado mtu mmoja anaeza enda na 30-50 k a weekend…

Maze hapana, unless vitu zilichange.

Sheng ya South C.