NTSA digital licence

How long does it take for a person to get his or her licence printed. I got my picture taken on September 1st and every time I go there they tell me to wait and I’ll receive a message for collection. What is up with the slowness?

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Just bribe them, upate hapo hapo

It shouldn’t be that way though. We pay 3K for the application and wait for it to be printed kama wanataka more money sii wangesema ikue tu 10K and valid for 5 years.

I was irked that it’s valid for a mere 3 years. Like wtf?

Kales don’t do so well at providing government services.

NTSA is just incompetent. Why cant they just let people print the DLs on their own and have them laminated to save time and costs!

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I thought it is Digital…

Peana mkia

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