NTSA crack-down on pedestrians

Not using the foot bridges, not using zebra crossing etc. wadau wa footsubishi mkae rada


Kule Sodom wanaiita JAY WALKING and it is a punishable offence, kwanza ukiwa maji it carries more weight.


Sisi mandelva tumehangaishwa kwa munda mulefu sana.

Sasa wacha laia pia wahangaishwe kindongo.

Wewe newbie mwitu, umepitia village cattle dip?

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The snake is swinging on my jacket

Unakuta jamaa just waking fwaa on the highway mpaka unashangaa.

Kanza hapo GM.

How the heck are pedestrians allowed to cross the road and there’s a foot bridge overhead?

They should be arrested and charged for attempted suicide.

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Huyu ni Tauren the idiot

There are people with fear of heights. I know several, can’t use those footbridges especially the ones which aren’t fully coveredon the sides