Mnajua mnapandishiwa NSSF so that the government can borrow that money?? Hustler Fund’s objective was the same. Jambazi anawaambia anawasaidia kusave for retirement. In truth, anamforce kuloan gava pesa for whatever number of years you have left to retirement.

Why borrow internationally when you can force Wanjiku to loan you cheaply??

Methinks NSSF is being primed to be the new NYS.

Hustler Fund has a “saving” component that links back to NSSF. Ukikopa 1M 50k is locked inapelekwa NSSF. That one targets watu hawana payslip.
Hii ya leo inatarget people with payslips wenye hawawezi hepa.

The government has concluded that it is easier to force Mwananchi to loan it money, than borrowing from abroad. They have managed to fool bonobos by masking it nicely as a savings and credit product.

By the time that money is due, retirement age itakuwa 70 years and the money will be peanuts as always.

Employed ghassia wapigwe stick. Sisi huku private sector tuko sawa.

PAYE -30%
NHIF -5%

Balance ya salary 60% finya bonobo na 16% tax on basic commodities.

Convince me that kenya is not a hell of a county if not a shit hole…Leader of majority ako busy kutafuta pesa ya Uhunye instead of introduction of Bill that Will Cap all mandatory Taxes to atleast 20% of salary

At least huku kwa vumbi you can steal from yourself and the govt without consequences. Kenya is a scam.

Lol, so you guys vote for the wrong people and you expect the opposition leader to clean up your mess? You really do have a negative IQ!

Mlipigia Ruto mkiona atawasaidia :D:D:D
Sasa mnataka Raila awasaidie

NYS ni ukora mtupu. Wanapewa billions mingi kuliko universities zote za kenya wafundishe vijana kufagia mitaro?

Which guys!I can’t vote for jambaz

Very few people have jobs that can raise any meaningful amount ,watu wengine wako 30k to 40 k hapa utapata Nini ya maana?
Gavament should just sell KQ, KPLC Uchumi Bata na few other useless institution,hii nssf ni UPUSS!!!

Midomo Payuka can you stick to singo matha analysis. Matters of governance are beyond your pea sized brain.

Wrong calculation. And did you just add percentages?

All NSSF and NHIF Accountants and procurement officers are stinking rich.