NSIS to spy on you using smart TV and get KRA involved

Good observation but the mother of all fuck ups is assumption. Endelea na assumption zako.

The smart ones are less than 5%

And they are deployed to very capable units. The other bonobos ndio hufuata politicians.

With the crime happening in kenya left right and centre, you saw Kenyans have become master scammers hadi FBI had to be involved.


So MTU akiwank to tranny porn NiS wako na dossier ?.

Tape kwa laptop niliweka after Ktalk advise ya simu ndio imenishinda

The National Police Service (including DCI) and the National Intelligence Service are two completely different entities. The former recruits bonobos of which you are alluding to here, the later recruits VERY highly qualified individuals.

You will be shocked by the number of bonobos in our intelligence service. They are many. Trust me. And they are really pulling down the few good ones.

Hapo itabidi NSIS iwe the same level with the american NSA which I really doubt considering how corrupt we are. Si hio billions ya kupush NSIS to NSA level itakulwa tu.