NSIS to spy on you using smart TV and get KRA involved

You think you’ve bought a Smart TV only to discover that you’ve just invited the National Intelligence Service inside the privacy of your living room. [ATTACH=full]262103[/ATTACH]

we already fucked up with our pc

I dont know why but I always preferred to download movie on my laptop, copy it to flash disk then watch it on the TV kama nadai kuingia net ni kwa lappy au phone

that is why pia kwa lapi naweka celotape, na av inaniambia when any app wants to use my camenje.
i do not have a smart tv for strictly the above reasons.
i’m shocked that BD is catching this 4+ year-old story now.

Mimi front camera ya simu.na laptop are permanently masked after kuona Zuckeberg amefunika yake in some interview.

Peasants hata tukiwa spied on, can they really do anything to us? I think ma big fish ndio main targets was spying

1984 George Orwell

Went through Google play permissions and wondered why the fuck it requires access amongst others to the handsets mic!

Please tell me a TLC set isn’t smart

:D:D:D:DDCI wataona majamaa wakistream xvideos na hii

Sasa nani anatafuta peasant kama wewe? Your value haiwes fikia bei ya stima yenye inatumika in surveiling you

as long as it can browse, it is smart.

hehehe niliona hiyo kitu i was surprised and that’s when i confirmed that these niggas wanajua kenye wanafanya ni mdomo tu wanapiga about privacy

Hehe NSIS wataona tu mambo kama ninja ikinyonga monkey ndithi kwa bedsitter, ikiwekelea bet, ikidownload torrents, virtual dj, anyway I wonder kwani hawa watu hawana cha kufanya isipokuwa kuspy wathii,

WTF… :D:D:D Ati nini? N the way I use my phone to watch xfindeos and stuff! Masking tape kwa camera pap!

Can’t, at least I hope so

Hahahahaa. Hapo ndio ulijua kumbe wewe uko ligi sooo…

You don’t know how the govt operates do you? Have you ever wondered why every renegade hua anapigwa na scandal when he/she becomes a thorn in the flesh of the govt? Let me give you a hint.
You see the govt vile inasemekana iko na mkono mrefu. They collect tons and tons of intelligence however stupid or useless it may seem to you. Noma huanza ile time wewe kama a former peasant unajoin ligi soo either as a civil servant, serious businessman, criminal, activists, opinion shaper, scholar, politician etc. At this point, surveillance on you is stepped up and a file is actually opened on you. All the seemingly insignificant intelligence like wewe kunyonga bishop, kukula mamboch kwa bedshiiter, kukatia malanye tagged, visits to Sabina Joy na kuwatch xvideos inatolewa from the general archives to this file. One wrong move and a very embarrassing dossier is released on you.

Not the Kenyan ones, maybe unasema Scotland Yard au FBI.
Have you ever interacted with those guys?
Most of them are thick headed individuals who cant even operate a computer beyond Mozilla and Office.
They only have their tabs on senior politicians.
I can assure you, they dont even have good criminal records.
What you are insinuating is too much to ask from them, maybe in 2050.

Massive or ‘general’ surveillance is VERY expensive. The only ‘historical’ intelligence that can be practically available on you when you graduate from a peasant to a ‘honcho/person of interest’ is SIGINT (IP, phone data and communication), the rest is bullshit.

Majority are thick headed as you rightly put but trust you me, there is a small clique of specialists whose expertise and reach rivals the West. When was the last time you heard of a bomb blast in Kenya?