I attended a business forum session this evening, with Jeff (CEO of NSE) as the Speaker. Although I am not in the financial sector, I have a keen interest in the stock market and its investment opportunities.

Key take aways this evening for me were:

A) Jeff highly pushed for investment in M-Akiba, with a cut off date of 6th September. How to buy the bonds is via your mobile. Dial *889#.

B) This is the best time to buy shares cheaply, while the market is down.

C) Enrol in their training program and learn more about derivatives, green bonds etc.

I recorded the entire session, including the Q&A session, however, Ktalk does not accept “m4a” files.

Lastly, some of the questions asked are as attached. If you need the answers, I would need to share the voice recordings.

Simple tip for anyone trying the NSE market. Government bonds do not serve the local peasant with your few thousands. It is not an investment you hold to earn but to store value if the government does not go bust with loans.

These business forums are just a station to market their financial products not to give you financial advice so take it with a pinch of salt.

You are better off attending company AGMs than NSE meetings. Brokers don’t care about your money. Their job is to make sure you trade as frequently as possible for the commissions. If you are a serious investor, attend AGM meetings of individual companies instead. Nice try though.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many financial advisors at our disposal for helping out with personal finances and investments. I remember I had one a few years ago who later changed his career to HR. Ha!

Good point. Jeff brought it up too and said that, the middle working class hardly bother with AGMs. Folks in attendance are usually old people and farmers who take their investments seriously.

Swali unauliza hapa Ktalk, hakuwezi kosa experts

i’m on the fence about this one. i’ll have to do further reading on it.

did they give you their definition of this word?

Let me help you with that. It comes from the word derive. So it is a financial product that derives its value from a particular asset.

If people knew any better, they would shun these fake products that are proped up by dumb money and manipulated by institutional funds.

Green bond ni nini?, Nichanue…

vitu za NSE kaeni mbali nazo. insider trading iko mingi sana. Juzi mliona case ya kenol. M AKIBA kama wewe ni mtu hutaki stress na 10% ya ile pesa iko nayo ni enough kulipa bills zako zile muhimu. Vitu zengine kaa mbali nazo.
Akina Chris Kirubi huwa wanapata profits yearly kutoka kenya airways, ju wanasupply mafuta na pombe na laundry services na insurance na vitu mob kwa kq.
Kuna shareholders wa mumias wanakula profits mingi kila mwaka. Usiwahi kuwa motivated na hao big shareholders kuinvest pesa zako.
Wao huwa na njia zao za kupata profit, ata kama kampuni haitadeclate dividends in 20 years

i remember watching some documentary on the economic meltdown and this derivative issue came up a lot. that and futures. so when i heard nse was launching it a while back i was a little taken aback. which is why i was on the fence about it. thanks for the clarification.

Wewe Ni trader ama investor ,what R.O.I do you want ,are you willing to invest in the private market?

Derivatives ndio zilipiga economy ya the great US of A sweep in 2008, the federal government disbursed nearly $500Billion to keep alot of the companies involved from going down.

I am an investor and open to new investment options.

If you knew just how worthless the money we try to earn is you would be shocked.

Jeff nani? When you mention some important person you met at a formal event, tell your audience of strangers the full name. Now Jeff sounds like those comical wedding MCs.