NRM Anger & Frustration


Supporters were furious with Raila’s long-time adviser Salim Lone, who tried to justify postponement. Ben Musungu, ODM National Youth Coordinator, said, “Disappointed to the core as was on my way to Mombasa. No phone calls. Don’t know anything,” he wrote on Facebook before pulling it down.

“Welcome to Cord-madness. NASA world. Talk, heave, puff, bluff play games, promise Gold, deliver tissue. Repeat process. Long live Baba,” Political analyst and strategist Benji Ndolo wrote.


I think Naswa will go down in history as the greatest con ever with 6.7m victims.


Abandon ship!!


Watch and see Uhuru sleep on the job when he should be busy dismantling the pieces that caused this whole nightmare. I’m talking about NGOs, shady individuals like Jiggiman and Ndii and Mwau, biased media and judges who told Kenya that Joho’s degree is genuine when it is impossible to get into a degree program with a D-
If I was Ruto I’d be busy dismantling them all long before 2022.


Watch this space

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dismantle what surely? kama ni wanjigi the cops already desecrated his castles, put their filthy hoi polloi hands all over his expensive germs free stuff and even shat in his toilets. oh, he got the message alright.
there’s a CID somewhere right now probably wearing one of wanjigi’s expensive silk boxers. bibi alipata gucci handbag.


Dismantle the ngo’s that seek regime change via the back door

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Why not do work that all Kenyans can see and appreciate like uprooting people from poverty or genuinely fighting corruption and cartels? Why should he only focus on stifling the opposition while stealing our taxes and revenue?

The number of people pushed into poverty by the elections and challenges and violence in the last elections exercise is too much. I feel that done of those troublemakers need to pay or they will be emboldened.
Everybody is stressed out and you’ll start seeing suicides all over.