Nowhere to hide

Kenya has a debt of 1 trillion due by next June. Pesa inatafutwa na Fuji. Mattress account will start being popular


The wages of sin…
This is just but one result of runaway corruption…

Ni kila mtu au ni zile bank a/c nono?

but you can run??

Kila mtu. I think target ni watu wa biz who file nil returns

:(:rolleyes: mattress banking it is.

It’s a good thing that KRA is checkmating tax evaders

I’m also surprised that people are complaining about this. Surely it is a good thing to widen the basket so they don’t keep punishing us punitively on the few lines they have now, right?

Naona hata safaricom wakiitisha PIN number.

It would be a good thing if the taxes collected would be used prudently with as little wastage and theft as possible, to make matters worse the quality of public services like health, education, security, disaster management is not worth the kes 1.5 trillion we currently pay to the government.

I support paying taxes but better management of funds should be the priority, once that is sorted they can expand the tax base ifikie ata mama mboga, it is immoral to expand the tax base only to misuse the funds the citizenry break their backs to avail.

Ati na anaongeza 2trillion more za loan, hapa we are officially done we are finished.

Hapo umenena; for us to get out of the mess we’re currently in we to institute some austerity measures and also ensure that we minimise corruption. That is without question.

my KRA Pin iliwekwa VAT na kajamaa ka cyber …saa hii i guess nadaiwa more than 2.2m

:D:D:D hapo itabidi uandikie njirani one lengthy letter to prove otherwise, with attached bank statements of all the accounts u have ever had. I was in the same predicament but haikua na pesa mingi ivo kaa zako. Got a friend who knows a guy who knows a guy akanisotia na 5k…but if u have all time in the world start crafting iyo letter

Nimetoka kupigiwa na KRA ati I havent declared some VAT for months now.

Sasa site yao itax is down for 2 days now… nimeshow huyo mjamaa wanikujie wakitaka…

Bro shida ni once they get it the likes of waiguru siphon it from the other end instead of making good use of it

:D:D Na hawashibi hata uwape billions…

I call them tumbo wazi :D:D:D

They are talking of taking austerity measures while senate decided to take their sessions outside nairobi where they can stay in hotel and get allowances. Whu can’t we learn to live within our budget like other east african countries? Everybody want to enrich himself without a care, a simple govt project becomes so expensive for nothing. And then they will also steal in the process

T digestive tract is owepen inaingia inatoka