Nowadays Refusing Is Not an Option

ata ukienda mtgow hawakubali :eek::eek::eek:

mambo za kawaida central kenya.

Alienda mgtow but hakuwa na cordinates za the nearest forest; alipatikana.


Wamama wa central ni moto ya kuotea mbali. Too bad he got involved with a psycho. He should have left her intelligently. Amwabie wapange next year by then akuwe ameingia karura

This is sad.

A cautionary tale to be on your guard and follow your instinct.

He did not have a ward in his clinic and should have asked them to call for an ambulance.

Inakaa ni yeye alika break…Kadem kalikua na machungu alafu pia anakawacha na madharau. Boy shaud amevuna ujeuri wake.

sio ujeuri, he obviously saw she was a psycho, but he should have moved on intelligently.

An intelligent person knows how to let go a woman without the woman realising she’s being left. You find the medic alimwambia wazi Ile design ya kuumiza roho that’s he’s no longer interested. Hapo kuna ka temporary madness that follows mtu anaskia tu revenge is the only way…The problem is she had watu wa mikono karibu

Or you just keep her tagging along and eating slices hadi apate mwingine ajikate

Yeah or you simply reduce mapenzi nyingi and act like you are ever busy, apologies kibao for failing her na kadhalika hadi anaona you are not good for her…Bila kusumbuana you give her option to find someone better…Na unajiondoa peacefully.

dem sufferer ali convince wajinga wanne aje kuuwa mtu ? . ama aliwapea kuma. si unatomba na kuingia mitini

Ali wanunulia Jaba, njugu na chok and also promised them a week supply of makali…Hizi vitu ukinunulia vijana hawana mwelekeo unaweza patiwa kitu ya governor. They are that useless.

Look at this puzy whipped simp fool here trying to justify the murder, ati the man got murdered becoz he had sex with her and then decided not to marry her. Some men are pathetic.

It’s easy to say he should have done this or that. Medics get emergencies at night all the time and people break up all the time.

The reality is when death comes for you there’s no escape.

Actually there is, There are many people who lived with psycho lovers and paid attention when things went sideways and are now alive.

When hoes get horny, niggers die
Kijana amekufa bure tu

Wanaume hawajipendi at all.
This idea that since men are the disposable sex then everything (against them) can be rationalized is wrong.

Choices should be respected, I think if the situation were to be reversed then this isn’t what you would be preaching.

Avoid having relationships with crazy women.