Do you remember those old days during festive season where one could eat 4 pieces of chapo, 3 pieces of kienyenji kuku na soap, sodas and anything else that would come around in the village.

Now among the villagers here, who can manage the same like eating a whole loaf of bread na turungi (black tea)

You eat soap? What for, to lubricate your exit system?


ile constipation utapata hapo ni mwenda… no roughage in your meal

Nyam umeanikwa.

He said he eats kuku na Soap; i’m guessing thats the substitute for roughage :D:D:D:D


No big deal that I can.

Nakumbuka enzi zangu nilikuwa nala sinia la pilau peke yangu…after apo ata kopo la maji singehitajii

May be he meant ‘supu’.:D:D:confused::confused:come to think of it…those days when our dear cow bloated with gas after eating grass,we used to give it a mixed concotion of parrafin and soap kwa chupa ya tree top and the gas would go away. May be he seriously meant real ‘soap’ after all!


Four pieces of Chapo for starters…is no big deal to me.If made well I can eat more.

Actually in proper English you “EAT” your soup, not “DRINK” it.


ooooh now you know what i meant (gravy ya chicken) Village…

…kwa hiyo picha ni watoto pekee watazama. Watu wazima waliona ni ujinga wakaishia!