Now that we've established flat earth..

If you still think the earth is a globe wewe rudia hio class, Ushawachwa nyuma. Hao wengine this clip gave me so much perspective on the state of things, I mean like how deep the lies go. its averagely long about an hour but trust me it’s important, so be patient and watch you won’t regret it.

Personally i don’t care if the earth is flat,round,oval,rectangle or whatever.Hizo ni kujipatia stress bure.As long as i get important basic wants.Hizo zingine ni non issue.

Thanks…people have been lied to for faar too long!


I refused to believe on a round earth since day one.

And no jokes with Uhuru Government. Very important

Nyinyi watu wa flat earth society mko serious or your just screwing with us?

Just for curiosity, what is the theory here, what concept and what evidence to support. Beginners class pliz

Nilisema hapa ni conspiracy, nikarushiwa maneno. In the bible, someone conveniently left the bit about the heavens being rolled as a scroll intact. Isaiah 34;4 and in Revelation 6;14.

However, the part of the earth being rolled like a scroll, was in the book of Nephi, which is a book that was was not included in today’s Bible.

Wacha nikutafutie kwa biblia ya Mormons.

I stand with Galileo, the earth is round.

Took me too a while to even consider it but I assure you, it’s dead serious.

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You courageous fool believing in something when all the evidence proves otherwise


Thanks for that, rev 6:15 another prophesy imeingia. I think we’re out of time, any second now pararira inataka kulia…

You think that because you haven’t really looked at said evidence. Anyway wewe sasa nimeachia maNV wa flatearth huko tumepita.

Sawa sawa

Mtu moja ajitolee astral projection atuletee answers

Ata mimi ningetaka hivyo ndio tunyamazishe hizi mbuzi za flat earth

the ‘tree stump’ might as well be dinosaurs poop,it’s whatever your brain wants you to see

No one can prove gravity or religion and what it partakes,let alone why we yawn ,placebo effect,why giraffes have long necks,why we need sleep or get hiccups…flat earth ndio mtaweza