Now that things are changing on KTalk...

I have Decided to change my Avatar in respect to the best artist that we have the privilege to be sharing our lives with!
I remember where I was when Tupac Shakur got smoked back in the day!..
I was living in Finland and six days later he was pronounced dead!

PAC changed alot of how I view the world because of his Poetic and lyrical genius.
As much as I would have wanted to tell him, his poetry and lyrical wisdom influenced the man I am today.

And then years on, I got introduced to another Lyrical Gangster closer to home!

Diamond Platinumz!!!

I love Swahili and I love poetry!

Languages were the only subjects I excelled in and I owe my sanity to the wordplay in most music I listen to.

That’s why I have officially changed my Avatar from the image of Tupac Amaru Shakur to that of Simba… Diamond Platnamz…

Let us always celebrate our heroes while they are still here with us![ATTACH=full]161087[/ATTACH]

Respect man. When Tupac was dispatched I was just coming from class 5. The first time i heard of Finland was in relation to a certain safari rally driver called Kankunnen

very GAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY . weka avatar ya dem si mujamaa tabia zake ni very crooked naskia ananyanduanga maboy . ati best artist jamaa wimbo zake natambua ni kama tano pekeee otherwise ni upusss yu anaimbanga

That was in 1996. You are feckin fossilized

Diamond= upuss

Alikiba all the way

hapo I support wewe miguu na mikono Alikiba all the way.

I liked the old diamond… This one right here has no message In his songs… He only talks about sex.

cant relate with diamond, whos he?

A rear metal like vabrinum in wakanda

Pffff…siku hizi if you want to hear good music unatafuta mtu amefanya cover. Diamond has a few good songs but mostly shite.

Diamond really?

Was wondering the same.

Loving your avatar my clone :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: thanks. New place, new avatar… I just wish I could dump my handle name too.

You would like to change it??

Just shut up bitch

Oh yes.

well he has less than 10 good songs, na 5 years from now no one will barely remember him unless he switches to business

Diamond is as irrelevant as his friend Rick Ross…

isn’t Rick ross dying, na diamond is mostly pop songs hizo zinasahaulika haraka