Now that Kiambaa voters wamehama from serikali, what next?

They have isolated themselves from the govt. They are like a spoilt child who throws food on the floor and then starts crying a few hours later that they are hungry. It will be interesting to see the new leader asking the govt to help his people with govt development projects, jobs etc.

For a start, the 17B western bypass should be stopped and the govt funds taken to build roads for the good people of Muguga.

Governments work for the people, not the other way around.

Pole, it was a political contest and meant nothing for wanjiku. It could have as well have stayed vacant till 2022 general elections.

Expect Luto to really milk this to the last drop. His peoples narrative was that the hassla movement was unstoppable across the mountain. I expected Jubilee to be massacred:D


@johnpombe the richest man in East Africa Gideon Moi alikuwa anajipiga kifua ivo, watu wa mkono wa Arror wakaambia yeye BBI itapitishwa counties zengine zote kenya lakini kwake nyumbani haitapita. Kiburi mtawacha

True. They were just pawns in a political contest. Sasa wakule ujeuri wao.

The innocent people of kiambaa were victims of political fugitives kina Gachagua, Kuria, itumbi, murkomen etc who were using them (kiambaa voters) to fight their battles.

The hustlers of Kiambaa eat their own sweat. Hawategemei serikali yenu fisadi kwa chochote. Projects zenu pelekeni Bondo.

You bitter, bitter man. Uhuru has the ability and machinery to steal ANY election. The fact that he chose not to do so (in his own backyard!!) should tell you kuna karata inachezwa chini ya maji. You’ll find that Kiambaa has gone exactly the way he wants.

Politics isnt as straightforward as you think.

Nigga why you bitter? Are you short?

Yes tutapeleka hizo projects bondo since the spoilt kiambaa voters dont appreciate what govt has been doing for them. You cant continue helping someone who is showing you madharau. Mchina atolewe kiambaa apelekwe bondo akajenge barabara huko.

This analysis yaani…

Acha tu!

Single digit IQ analysis.

The 2 option Kiambaa had. They chose a mutura seller instead of an electrical engineer. The quality of central Kenya leadership is going to the dogs.

[SIZE=5]Jubilee Party’s Kariri Njama[/SIZE]

Njama hails from Kihara village and has been a champion of community service, with constituents identifying with him way before the by-election was scheduled. He was narrowly outvoted by the late MP Paul Koinange in the 2017 Jubilee nomination.

His Kariri Njama Foundation has gained popularity and root since its inception in 2006. It has initiated several development projects that empower the youth by creating jobs and nurturing talent.

Njama is also known for empowering girls, especially teen mothers, by helping school dropouts to continue their education. The foundation also supports women and vulnerable persons through business ventures.

Njama, nicknamed ‘Chief’, has also been supporting the fight against Covid-19 since last year. He presented portable handwashing tanks, soap and face masks to all schools within the constituency.

The electrical engineer is the CEO of Security World Technology Limited.

[SIZE=5]United Democratic Alliance’s John Njuguna Wanjiku[/SIZE]

His main rival Njuguna, on the other hand, has been using the slogan ‘Wanjiku for Wanjiku’ to woo voters. The youthful candidate says it is time for the youth to stand out and be counted in leadership.

Njuguna hails from Karuri. He says he had a troubled childhood after his mother died and he had to fend for himself during his schooling days.

He sold mutura in the streets of Karuri and Banana and sponsored himself through university education, he said while wooing voters.

Njuguna said that if elected, he will empower the youth, support technical schools and improve security. He said many Kiambaa youths lack opportunities in government projects.

…to match your single digit intelligence.

If it you were intelligent enough for better analysis the analysis would be different.

John, just rant whoever much you want:D:D
You’ll overcome the denial stages.
And please consider joining the hustlers backyard to avoid such disappointments in future.

You’ve been told time and again that road wasn’t meant for Kiamburian.So govt can’t use it to mock them.
Pili Kiambu resident pay taxes and are entitled to development regardless of who they vote for

You are dumb if you don’t know that a huge part of this bypass passes through MUGUGA ward itself in Kabete. Only a small end tip of it is in Kiambaa.

And even if you were correct, this is a national project envisaged in the Vision 2030 and its role is to decongest Nairobi. So, there’s no way anyone will attempt to stop its construction.