Now Shabaabs attack Ethiopians


Shabaab fighters attacked an Ethiopian army base in central Somalia early Thursday in the latest raid targeting foreign soldiers deployed as part of an African Union force in the country, rebels and local residents said.

The Al-Qaeda linked militants attacked the base in Halgan in Hiran region, the group said in a statement distributed on its Telegram messaging channel.

It claimed that fighters had killed “at least 43” Ethiopian soldiers, but this could not be verified independently.

Residents in the area close to Halgan said the attack began when a vehicle driven by a suicide bomber exploded, after which jihadist gunmen fought their way into the base.

“There was a huge blast and then heavy exchange of gunfire started,” said Osman Adan, a nearby resident.

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haiya a dawn attack again? and a successful one? I thought we were made to believe the Ethiopians know their stuff in Somalia


Ethiopia’s suspected Liyu police also killed 40+ people in Ogaden just yesterday or the day before.

Condolences to the families and Ethiopians. Now its time to do a joint attack strategy in Somali. Anisom formation is too much defensive.

I hope they didn’t use an APC looted from the Kenyan attack, pole to the bereaved

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Dawa ya hawa watu ni drone attacks ama Apache helicopter attacks zile zina night vision cameras… Alafu attack inafanywa usiku… Endeni YouTube and search Apache helicopter attacks pale middle east…

You can’t finish off a terrorist group. Kazi ni kujiprotect tu

reminds me of a movie I watched inaitwa 13 hours…


Every time nikienda money gram kutuma pesa home mimi ukutana na wasomali wengi wanatuma pesa Somalia and some of them were either born in Germany or came here wakiwa wachanga sana coz they speak perfect German… Sasa unashindwa hio pesa wanatumia nani if it’s not financing alshabaab

In other news, Terrorists attacked a Tel aviv restaurant

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There is nothing as hard as fighting an unknown enemy
RIP To The Soldiers


The solution to Alshaabab elimination is infiltration using assets such that their attacks become traps. My condolences to the slain Soldiers

i thought we were told Ethiopia supports shabbab to destabilize .ke that’s why they never attack them…


ngombe wewe unacheza games za ps1 sanaa

ona hio video kwanza and then get back at me


Each side giving out contradicting figures on Casualties…
Somali Army:-120 Al shabaab killed.
Ethiopia :-106 Alshabaab killed.
Al Shabaab :- 60 Ethiopians,16 Al Shabaab killed.
Meanwhile, the Somali government estimates over 200 dead from both sides.

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Mbona Ethiopians hawasemi soldiers wao ni wangapi wame die

Hiyo ni sensitive matter hata hapa Kenya haikuwahi semwa ingawa Ethiopia kuna censorship noma sana ya press.