Now Lt Col BJURMANN.....!!!!

Lenga hiyo story


Happy birthday, when my hangover ends I will edit this post to be more witty.

Nikija Nai nitakustua Mathias. Niko LAB nowadays. Standing by release for Mogdu(Mogadishu). Lakini saa hii nothing is giving. Everything ukiuliza wakubwa Ni stand by. Status quo. Mpaka mfanye elections mkitumia akili.


Congratulations officer. Na mimi naweza kukupata wapi, personally?

Congrats, and happy birthday, many many more

hbd, blow many more.

Happy birthday afisa…salimia chief

Go away

You too, I am worried about you, I fear one day you will up and buy a gun or sharpen a knife and shoot/stab people randomly then kill yourself get help quickly


It can never get to that. I have people depending on me; can’t let them down. Further and obviously the most important, Islam does not allow that.

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Are you sure? It’s not about your religion, you emotional and mental well being, I feel like something isn’t right

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I am ok bana… I wouldn’t snap and stab people. I can’t do that

HBD @bjurmann

Happy birthday.

Congratulations kijana and happy birthday

happy birthday na usalimie maseniour privates hapo

Poa, looking forward to it.

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Happy birthday. May the good Lord always be with you

Congratulations and happy birthday.