Now I see why she has 8,800 SIMPS following her.



Is she a great cook?


nani huyo?
anauza na ngapi?

who what where why? Si utuoshe cornea

I know kavirondos are losing their minds over those yellow thighs.

Who is she?

Hii mwaka tulisema utaongeza bei

???..nani huyu

Kuwa online simp is the saddest thing in the world. Hao wote wanatamani mali ya some rich guka.
Dame hawatawai hata mgusa:D

Ivy Wamahaga would have sufficed kama ungeongeza mbisha

why thighs? All I see are spindly legs that should NEVER see the sun.

Wewe unaona dem and all you can think of is Kavirondo men. Why the fuack are you gae?

angetoa viatu i would wank to that picture

who is she?

she is who?

Just a nobody on twitter men keep chasing. She was in Qatar so…