Now I lay me down to sleep

01:18 hours.
Dear God let this day be the new and better beginning for @Lecturer M M and other Ktalkers suffering in silence.


Academia have to stand up together.

Are you also in academia?

Amen… Mwenyezi Mugu awe nawe @Lecturer M M Leo na siku zote.


There’s a time I wanted nothing but academia but hii upussy, tribalism, nepotism, obochinga ikafanya roho yangu itoke. I attended an interview at a local public university, I dusted thei4 questions and started teaching them the latest trends and approaches in the field with anecdotes from my experience worldwide. It was obvious I had more knowledge and experience than the chair of the dept, who was busy taking notes and askin learning questions. I even had commitments for research funds and collaborations (with possible setting up of a research centre). Mwishowe a whole prof sijui DVC asks me what tribe I belong (note: my surname doesnt reveal my tribe and my home as per my ID is not mount kenya region), and sadly that is what was used to cut me out in the name of regional balance, something the panel didnot reflect. Yaani tribe is an issue yet I have international experience, demonstrated how my work influenced not only govt policies in kenya but even the region. A candidate from the right tribe was given yet he had no experience having received his bachelirs and registering straight away for graduate studies. Nikasema isokei hata the late Calestous Juma was denied a place in graduate schools in kenya.

Thats the reality everywhere. Deal with it as subtly as possible. Its never about you, but the basic Kenyan employer always has his motives too.

No, but I have spent most of my adult life studying and hanging out with them although away. However, I have friends/relatives in Kenya and I vorrow hii maneno sana as I have to cough up constantly. It is depressing to hear some v harrowing stories. But have to changia regardless. Kama sasa usitake kuona the long list I am staring at and especially for the young ones in January.

So in short nashindwa, if we cannot look after our lecturers who are there to impart knowledge to our young vulnerable bright youngins, then where are we going as a nation?NOWHERE!

I hear you sana kabsa kabsa. You nailed it! hata our Lecturer here will need to re-align once he stands on his 2 feet. Lecturing should be his side hustle in the future until the dust settles in the year 2050.

I was having a drink with a number of them kwa kalocal flani hapo UoN bridge and it was really worrying that a number of young academics have resolved to leave for greener pastures abroad. These are fellows with solid academic records, sio kama akina herman manyora.

Hehehe Unapiga Manyora ngumi ya Kahaso.Kisingani wa Citizen alipotelea wapi

Yes definitely. I said it here that the intelligentsia class left Kenya for good.
Koolibah pole sana.

Hehehe kisiangani is actually a solid academic.