Now Drumpf Blasts the Federal Reserve Bank

Taking america back from who?I thot the jews built america?!or from the native Indians?

Clinton and Obama or even Bush are just puppets. Trump is taking on the puppeteer.

Why does America pay Nato? What is this NAFTA? Who signed these trade deals with China? Who sold American manufacturing to foreigners? What is this UN security council?

The people who make these decisions are the real power in America. It is Trump VS them.

Hehe endelea kudanganywa na CNN. Ati Trump is mad sijui insane and he has to go.

Ukajua ile corruption inakuwaga Washington. Some fellows are there to make billions while others are there to effect world agenda by holding the president by his balls. Trump ni kichwa ngumu sana. Amekataa na hataki ujinga yao. Sasa ni operation ondoa Trump, by all means necessary. All hands on deck.

You think guys like Mattis or McGurk work for the U.S. govt?

Why do u always not answer simple queries?u think he wants to help you??he just wants a piece of the pie ,he is unable to govern in a sober environment so he needs to stir shit up for his supporters.

Why do you hate him so much? Who do you think is making you hate him so much? Who is feeding you this info? Why is he or she feeding you this info? And it is non stop info. A storm of info. Why?

They are mudding the waters so you dont think for yourself. So you don’t see the bigger picture. So that you don’t ask, why is Trump doing what he is doing. Could he be right?

And they idea is to curtail govt. To distract the president.

Who told u criticism is hate?
Facts,the stock exchange is down at 650 points,is that hate?
The gvnmnt was shutdown,is that hate?
U keep defending a lunatic and u know it and its just a matter of time before u come back to ur senses

Tweeter users are brutal…

[SIZE=7]Twitter Users Brutally Mock Trump For Self-Pitying ‘Poor Me’ Tweet[/SIZE]
“Let’s hope he’s visited by three spirits tonight!” one Twitter user suggested.
By David Moye
12/24/2018 02:58 PM ET

Donald Trump spent Christmas Eve all alone in the White House and apparently didn’t like it.

Monday morning, the president posted a tweet that can only be described as self-pitying, right down to the “poor me” reference.

If Trump was expecting Twitter users to offer kind words of “it gets better” support, he was sadly mistaken. Instead, there was snark. Lots and lots of snark.


ad infinitum…

He is a genius,speaking for patie

[B][SIZE=6]McCaskill warns Dems about ‘cheap’ rhetoric; says GOP senators privately believe Trump is ‘nuts’[/SIZE][/B]
By Manu Raju, Senior Congressional Correspondent
Updated at 3:40 PM ET, Mon December 24, 2018

Shait! is this real?

Get this. Your boss surreptitiously attacks the Fed boss causing the stock market to scamper helter skelter. You, being the loyal, obedient soldier, embark on a futile attempt to tell the investors to tulia, “the president just had some bad sushi”. After your boss finds out he can’t touch the Fed Reserve boss, he aims his presidential cannons at your frustrated ass. Shit, they don’t pay him enough…

[B][SIZE=6]Trump has weighed dismissing Mnuchin[/SIZE][/B]

President Trump has weighed dismissing Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, a source familiar with the president’s thinking told Bloomberg News.

Another source told Bloomberg said that Mnuchin’s future at the helm of the Treasury Department depends on whether the market continues to drop.

oh my you are so dumb. Why was the govt. shutdown? Can’t you see?

They democrats the Jewish owned and controlled left, are just playing politics with a wall that they know America needs.

Anyway keep being fooled. Hate the man. Na hadi leo ukiulizwa why Trump has to go hujui na huna jibu… lakini lazima aende juu umeambiwa hivo.

nini hio? The boobies? Niko na link imejaa boobies za anti Trump brigade


Vintage Drumpf!!

Since @Purple is M. I. A, I decided to see what PereMende is saying about all this. A regrettable decision: the bugger’s more incoherent and desperate than Drumpf!

:smiley: :smiley:

oh please si useme ulishindwa ku ignore. Leo nimeamua kuwaongeza at least a few comments in the giving spirit of christmas. Angalau zifike page 2.

Peremende, do you believe in ghosts? It seems you see them everywhere like Drumpf does.

By the way where is the Drumpf clothing line manufactured?

Ndigehota my dear, good luck and enjoy the rest of your Christmas. :stuck_out_tongue: